More Ames School Bus Problems

AMES, Iowa — Last week, we were told about problems that plague the Ames School District’s bus service. Those problems are continuing.

School has been in session for four weeks now in Ames, and Durham School Bus Service, which was hired by the district, still can’t seem to get its act together. Student Adam Johnson and several of his classmates were left behind Wednesday morning.

“Our bus never picked us up. We were at the corner right over there and he just looks at us when he’s coming down here and just looks at us,” Johnson says.

Parents say this is a common problem, and they want Durham to hit the road. But school administrators say it isn’t that easy.

“There isn’t any way right at this point that we can just say we’re done. We don’t have any other options for transportation,” says Superintendent Tim Taylor.

The district says it plans to continue working with Durham, but will likely bid the job out to another service in the spring. No one at the Durham garage was available to answer our questions, but company representatives will have to answer questions at Monday’s school board meeting. Parents are encouraged to attend.


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