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More Ames School Bus Problems

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AMES, Iowa -- Last week, we were told about problems that plague the Ames School District’s bus service. Those problems are continuing.

School has been in session for four weeks now in Ames, and Durham School Bus Service, which was hired by the district, still can't seem to get its act together. Student Adam Johnson and several of his classmates were left behind Wednesday morning.

"Our bus never picked us up. We were at the corner right over there and he just looks at us when he's coming down here and just looks at us," Johnson says.

Parents say this is a common problem, and they want Durham to hit the road. But school administrators say it isn’t that easy.

"There isn't any way right at this point that we can just say we're done. We don't have any other options for transportation," says Superintendent Tim Taylor.

The district says it plans to continue working with Durham, but will likely bid the job out to another service in the spring. No one at the Durham garage was available to answer our questions, but company representatives will have to answer questions at Monday’s school board meeting. Parents are encouraged to attend.


  • Brent Venneman

    The problem with the Ames school district is the politics. They knew that there would be an increase in kids and they dropped the ball. Now the parents and kids are going to suffer. Good job. Now the Ames school districts need to stop playing favors and get off there buts and do there job. Or find someone to do it for them.

  • Mike Cee

    It’s pretty clear that Dunham is incompetent, and never should have been awarded the contract to begin with. It’s a shame that the Ames School Board didn’t have the foresight to include penalties in the contract for this type of shameful failure to fulfill the contract.

  • JstLvng

    Why would they hire dunham when they are stories from previous incidents in other districts? why didnt anyone do their homework and check references and news reports. this wouldn’t have happen or they would have maybe thought to hire them on probation. I hope the parents set them straight and tell them like it is. To dangerous anymore for kid to be left anywhere for any amount of time with no adult supervision.

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