Pit Bull Attacks & Kills Other Dog, Animal Control Seeking Owner

DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines Animal Control is on the lookout for the owner of a pit bull that attacked and killed another dog over the weekend.

On August 31st, officers were called to 29th and Rutland for a dog attack.  The reporting pet owner told Animal Control that as she was taking out her two dogs — a Yorkshire terrier and a dachshund — an unleashed white pit bull ran over and attacked.

The woman managed to scoop up the dachshund, but before she could get to the Yorkshire terrier, Dallas, it was too late.  The little dog had a hole in his chest and neck and a fractured jaw and had to be put down.

“A lot of people will tell us, my dog doesn’t bite. Every dog has the potential of biting someone so if the dog is not confined, not tethered next to you, not on a leash, you know, that’s irresponsible,” says Josh Colvin with ARL Animal Care and Control.

Read the Animal Control report on incident

That same day, a cat down the street was attacked and killed by a dog. At first, Sarah Benton thought it was the same pit bull that killed her 6-year-old rescue cat, Lila, but it was actually another dog. Benton didn’t find her outdoor cat until the next day.

“Half of her body didn’t work, she had a broken femur and there were bite wounds all over her body. It wasn’t good. I just picked her up and she let out a really sad meow,” says Benton.

After she returned from the vet, Benton went door to door and found the owner of the dog. The American Bulldog is in quarantine.

Des Moines’ leash law requires all dogs to be tethered to their owners at all times.

Cats can run as long as they are not destroying property and have a license and rabies vaccination tag.


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