What You Need to Know to Keep Bats, Other Pests Out of Your Home

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Fall brings with it some small pesky pests like ladybugs, fruit flies, and box elder bugs, as well as some mammals. But they all get in the same way, through small cracks in your home. The big one that’s keeping animal control experts busy are bats.

The most common bats in Iowa are the little and big brown bats.

These animals can enter through areas as small as a quarter inch. Taller buildings are more likely to have bats because repairing those access points isn’t as easy.

Because these animals are nocturnal some people don’t realize they have bats for years. But some pest control businesses are seeing an uptick in call outs.

“I don`t know what it is, but we have been getting more calls than we have in the past,” Mike Paine with Complete Animal Control said. “I don`t know if it`s the milder weather or just a higher bat population, but people that have never had a bat in 24 years call us up and say they had a bat last night.”

If you think you have bats, the last thing you want to do is start sealing off all those holes, because you could end up trapping them.

It’s why pest control experts find the main exit and after sealing the remaining holes install a one-way exclusion device, which is essentially an exit only for bats.

Homeowners have a small window to get this taken care of between August and September.

If they do it too early they risk trapping and separating young bats from their mothers. And if homeowners wait too long, the bats will hibernate.


  • Des

    Yeah so this guy Mike came to “help” me with my bat problem. They were flying around my bedroom & living room. Told me it would be 2 weeks before he could come do the work for $800! Didn’t even diagnose correct. Said the bats were coming in from a screened off attic vent but i had clear openings behind my gutters and if he got on the roof and looked at the chimney like the second guy i hired he would have found cracks as well. But no. He charged me a $130 fee to come out & give a quote & look around my bedroom. Totally no a people person just seemed like he was looking for a check. Oh also broke my landscape light!

  • Mike Paine

    I apologize for your negative experience Carla P. from Ames. Yes, I remember you as we perform over one hundred bat exclusions yearly and there are a few customers that stick out….way out….I would appreciate resolving your grievances professionally and privately instead of publically stating behind a hidden ID “not a people person” & “looking for a check” . We have performed over 650 bat exclusions in IA an MO, probably the most in Iowa.

    +You fail to mention the other company and their price. Why?
    +The amount quoted was not $800, hundreds less. I have the documentation.
    +If dissatisfied with anything, we would have refunded the inspection fee, but you didn’t give us a chance.

    Mike Paine

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