Instrument Donations Flooding In To Help Students

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DES MOINES, Iowa--Music is now a more common sound in the hallways of Capitol View Elementary School.

Last month, Channel 13 told you about a shortage of orchestra and band instruments at the school forcing students to go without or share.

Thanks to an organization and the kindness of strangers students are enjoying music once again.

Practice makes perfect when you're learning a new instrument.

The challenge for students at Capitol View was there weren’t enough instruments to go around.

“We were sharing a lot of instruments and the kids all alternated weeks taking them home instruments to practice, and practicing is a big part about becoming successful with your instrument so it became a huge issue with us,” says Capitol View Elementary Orchestra Instructor Carrie Beaderstadt.

Beaderstadt said a lack of instruments and families not being able to afford or rent one for the year didn't leave many options.

“This year we've had a record number of kids sign up. We probably have 56 at last count who have all signed up for orchestra and they want to be here, they want to be learning, and when we don`t have the resources for them it becomes a big source of frustration,” says Beaderstadt.

When the Greater East Side Development heard what was going on, it stepped in to help.

In the past few weeks, 20 instruments and $6,600 have been donated.

The money will go towards purchasing new instruments so each student can have his or her own for the year.

“I think it`s better than last year because now we have a lot more instruments and we got our own to take home. We can practice and have more fun with it, instead of sharing all the time,” says 5th grade violin player Tyanna Buford.

Beaderstadt says she’s looking forward to a school year when every students gets the opportunity to enjoy music.

“The possibilities are endless for the orchestra program here, we`ve got the students who want to be in it and as long as we have that we can take it to whatever heights we`re capable of,” says Beaderstadt.

If you have an instrument you’d like to donate, you can drop it off at Capitol View Elementary School at 320 E. 16th Street Des Moines, IA.  Both band and orchestra instruments are still needed.

Or you can make a tax-deductible donation to the Greater East Side Development, P.O. Box 17272, Des Moines, IA 50317.

Or follow this link to make a donation via PayPal on the organization's website.