State Says Think Ahead, Buy Propane Now

DES MOINES, Iowa — Chances are, with temperatures in the 90’s this week, you probably aren’t thinking about heating your home. But state officials say maybe you should.

Last winter, a shortage of propane forced prices to more than double in some parts of the state. And with a large crop predicted, more propane will be needed to dry corn. So the state is suggesting you sign contracts with suppliers now while prices are still low.

“Everybody’s saying a big crop coming in so if folks have to dry corn, they use propane for that so that could impact supplies,” says Dustin Vande Hoef with the Iowa Department of Agriculture. “What happened last year is we went from corn drying right into a long cold winter so if we have another long cold winter that’s gonna produce similar challenges.”

Nationally, propane suppliers say part of the problem is a lack of large storage facilities where propane could be held for distribution.


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