Univ. of Iowa Announces Sanctioned Guidelines Against Sexual Misconduct

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IOWA CITY, Iowa – The University of Iowa has announced its first-ever sanctioned guidelines to address sexual misconduct on campus.

President Sally Mason made the announcement Thursday in an email to students and staff.

“These guidelines help us send a clear message that violators will be held accountable for their behavior,” Mason wrote.

“We take sexual assaults very seriously. There is no excuse for this crime. It has no place on this campus,” Mason continued. “We must continue to address this problem, and we must not rest until it is eliminated entirely.”

The guidelines, which complement a six-point plan announced in February, outline the consequences for those who commit sexual misconduct. Violaters face penalties from probation to expulsion.

Mason also announced that a student was expelled during the summer semester for sexual misconduct. Another student was expelled earlier this year during the spring semester.

“Much work remains to be done,” Mason wrote. “The safety and wellbeing of every member of the University of Iowa community is of utmost importance, and I invite all members of our campus to play a role in confronting sexual assault.”