Man Convicted of Killing Rockwell City Police Officer

CLARION, Iowa —It took jurors less than two hours to return a guilty verdict against Corey Trott. Trott was convicted of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Rockwell City police officer Jamie Buenting in September of 2013.

Family members and friends of Officer Jamie Buenting, an 8 year veteran of the Rockwell City Police Department should have been celebrating his 38th birthday today.

Instead, they celebrated the first degree murder conviction of the man who shot him to death one year ago.

Buenting was shot during a stand-off situation while attempting to arrest Trott at his home on an unrelated assault charge last September.

Prosecutors argued that Trott pre-meditated the attack because he felt hatred towards the police and felt officers were manipulating his family.

In closing arguments, prosecutors also stated that Trott waited for police to enter his home, sought out a high vantage point to take the shot, and aimed directly at Buenting’s neck, the only vital spot not covered by a bullet proof vest.

The defense argued that Trott was startled by the police entering his home and was trying to fire a warning shot at Buenting’s feet.

Jurors didn’t buy it and returned with a guilty verdict after less than two hours.

“They argued for a lesser offense of involuntary manslaughter. We had pretty clear evidence of Trott’s state of mind by what he said and the actions he took the night Jamie was murdered,” said Assistant Attorney General Scott Brown.

Officer Buenting’s family released a statement after the verdict was read.

“Jamie Buenting dedicated his life to love and to justice. He died in cause of that effort. A great life ended too soon. A great example of a hero who pinned on a badge each day to protect and serve the public.”

Trott faces a mandatory life sentence for first degree murder.

His sentencing will take place on September 26th in Rockwell City.


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