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Police: Son Kidnapped Elderly Mother, Held Her Captive

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- For five days, 74-year-old Jeanne Miles says she was held captive in her own home by her drug addicted son. "He gets so irate and you don't know how long that's going to last before he snaps," Mrs. Miles says.

It all started last Saturday when police say 51-year-old James Miles knocked on the door of his mother's Des Moines home, even though she has an order of protection to keep him away. "I said who is it and I couldn't understand what he said and I said who is it?" Mrs Miles recalls, "And they said something else kinda mumble like and I opened the door and foom, right through."

For the next five days, police say Miles kept his mother in the house, not letting her leave or use the phone. At one point, Mrs. Miles did get away, but her son apparently spotted her and brought her back. "I took off down the street and I have trouble walking and out of breath and stuff too and next thing I knew I got down to the corner and that's as far as I could get," she says, "And I looked up and there he was coming after me."

miles_jamesMrs. Miles says her son wasn't being abusive or violent towards her at any time during this ordeal. In fact she says he was trying to take care of her. "Yeah, in fact he made food sometimes and then bring it to me and he's good that way. And he loves to cook. And he'd just, here mom, and (I'd say) 'no I don't want anything to eat. I don't feel like eating', you know? But he just didn't want me to leave that house and he would shut the door and hold it if I tried to leave. I tried it. It didn't work."

Finally, Thursday night, a long-time friend stopped by to check on Mrs. Miles and saw her son run from the house. "I went to the door and I said go home now and call the police. She said ok," Mrs. Miles says.

Police quickly found Mr. Miles because of the friend who called for help. "As she's leaving she's keeping an eye on where the suspect's going," says Police sergeant Jason Halifax, "(She) calls us with his location, where she last saw the suspect. We go to that location, we find him in the back of that house in the yard."

Mrs. Miles knows her son is likely going to prison for a long time. She hopes he receives drug treatment while he is gone. She says it breaks her heart to see him like this. "Oh my God," she says "I didn't know if I was gonna make it through yesterday or last night. I just really broke up."

James Miles faces two counts of "Violation of a no contact order" and one count of kidnapping. If convicted he faces up to ten years in prison.