Students Talk Water Quality with Regional EPA Administrator

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epaDES MOINES, Iowa — A group of students at Brody Middle School spent the afternoon talking about water quality.

As a part of a unit learning about the subject, they held a roundtable discussion joined by special guests Karl Brooks from the Environmental Protection Agency and Kevin Baskins from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Students researched the views and opinions of water quality issues belonging to various groups such as Des Moines Water Works, Research scientists, Iowa farmers, and others. Students representing these different groups then presented those findings to their fellow classmates.

Brooks said that the students’ findings go to show how important water quality issues are to everyone. “It’s our responsibility as citizens, as parents, and as Iowans,” he says.

Following the presentations, Brooks and Baskins took questions from the students. Brooks, who is a Region 7 Administrator from the EPA, is also slated to tour Des Moines Water Works following his stop at Brody Middle School.