Hay Bale Fire in Rural West Des Moines

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Hay bale fire in rural West Des Moines (WHO-HD)

Hay bale fire in rural West Des Moines (WHO-HD)

POLK COUNTY, Iowa — Two people in rural West Des Moines were treated for smoke inhalation after a hay bale fire Wednesday afternoon.

Fire crews were called to 3711 S. 50th Street, south of the Highway 5 bypass, at 2:44 p.m. after bales of hay inside a barn caught fire. West Des Moines fire officials say work was being done on equipment in the building that caused sparksĀ to ignite the hay.

The people were able to move the hay out of the barn, using a tractor, before the fire caused any damage to the structure.

Officials say the hay that was destroyed by the fire was valued at $875.