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Student Body President Opposes Tuition Freeze

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AMES, Iowa -- The Iowa Board of Regents could freeze tuition for the third year in a row for Iowa universities, but not everyone is on board with the idea. Student body presidents from all three universities support the tuition increase.

Originally the board discussed raising rates, but they say new cost saving measures could make that unnecessary.

These measures involve consolidating services and could save Iowa’s universities $30-80 million annually. Most students support these measures, but many believe that money saved should go back into the school.

Another concern is that students will face a large tuition hike in the future if they don’t start slowly increasing tuition. The proposed tuition increase would cost most students a few hundred dollars a year.

“That’s like a textbook. That’s something we can plan for, but you know as soon as you’re talking an increase of a thousand dollars with like a ten percent increase, that really changes the conversation,” said Iowa State Student Body President Hilllary Kletscher.

The Board of Regents will meet Wednesday in Ames.