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Teacher Facing Drug Charges to Return to Coaching After Year-Long Break

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jim Flaws mug

CARLISLE, Iowa — Leaders in the Carlisle School District say drug charges will sideline their softball coach but only for one year.

Fifty-five-year-old Jim Flaws was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia in October. He’s scheduled to be arraigned on those charges next week.

Flaws was a middle school teacher and varsity softball coach at Carlisle.

Carlisle superintendent Bryce Amos released a statement Wednesday saying, “Mr. Flaws has notified the District that he requires a leave of absence to attend to his health and well-being, and that he has decided to retire from his teaching assignment effective at the end of the current contract. Mr. Flaws will be on a leave of absence from his coaching duties for the 2015 season and return to coaching the following year. “


    • Ashley

      What message would you send? “If you screw up, you might as well give up on your whole life because we’ll never stop punishing you” ?

    • Justathought

      While I know every situation is different but other teachers in the Carlisle School District have lost their jobs when they have gotten into legal issues. . Is it because he is a coach with great history? Is the message being sent that your discipline depends on who you are? I certainly hope he gets the help he needs. If/when he returns to coaching I hope there is a plan in place to monitor his sobriety.

  • Ramona

    Wow, that’s pretty weak of the Carlisle school district. Not a good message for the students or athletes at alll.

  • forgotyourperfect

    I forgot kids are supposed to think they can never make a mistake in life, and if they do they shall never be given a second chance. We will just leave it at that since the ones pontiff the finger at his mistake will never empty their dirty laundry.

    • Slap on the wrist

      Some mistakes are bigger than others and should be treated as such. This man is a teacher, a coach, a role model to young, impressionable kids. Something this severe just can’t happen and go without just punishment. Kids need to understand that as well.

      • forgotyourperfect

        He did get a punishment… to you it may a big punishment, but to him it is a huge punishment.

      • Slap on the wrist

        This article doesn’t suggest there was a punishment. Perhaps that needs clarified. It suggests he notified the district of his plans for retirement from his teaching position and leave of absence from coaching. I’m not opposed to second chances but it sounds like the district isn’t even calling the shots. In order to return to coaching after this type of offense, will he need to prove sobriety? Prove he completed some sort of program? Prove he isn’t a poor role model to those kids? As a parent, I would think these are important details to the situation.

      • forgotyourperfect

        You made some valid points. I do know that there are always more things said in those school board meetings than what makes the news…

  • sara

    There is more going on then any of us know. I had Flaws in school and he was one of the most motivational, inspirational teachers I know. He cares about his students and his community. I don’t believe he’sgot a drug addiction. I think more has happened and he’s stepping down for a bigger reason then any of us will probably know. unfortunately there aren’t enough good teachers as it is and weve lost another great. Prayers and support to his family. They need it with all this negativity towards a person you know nothing about. I can tell you this hurts and angers me and I was just a student some 10 yrs or more ago.

  • just someone

    If you knew both sides of this tragic story you would have so much respect for this great man. I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Mike Cee

    It is a pretty good compromise. If he can get help and stay clean (and he should be required to prove it) for a year, then there is no reason why he can’t return to his coaching position.

  • Sue

    he was arrested for possession……I don’t believe being arrested is the same as being convicted. When this happened, I think there were some bloggers that commented that it wasn’t his car and probably not his ‘stuff’. Perhaps this is a compromise. Perhaps he is letting his reputation be tarnished in order to protect the person who the items did belong to. Perhaps, he knows that he is at the later stages of his career and the person who owned the items is a young person, just starting out in life. Maybe Coach Flaws felt it would be less detrimental for him to take the fall then the other person. Their may be treatment, punishment, etc, for the person who truly owned the drugs, but, in order to not ruin his life, and give him a second chance, they are not publicizing that.
    I don’t know any of that. I am just ‘supposing’ based primarily off of the things that bloggers who knew this man said about him when this first happened. It sounds like he has done a lot of good for a lot of young people. Keeping one of them out of jail and helping them get the help he needs sounds like it would go right along with this man’s personality.

  • Iowa coach

    This is absolutely appalling. I read constantly about how much the Carlisle community supports Coach Flaws. And as a human being, we all should. This has nothing to do with being a nice guy or good coach. It’s about breaking the law. It is disgraceful to see someone arrested and charged with possession of Crack Cocaine being treated like a hero. This community should feel betrayed and demand better. I can think of three former coaches arrested for possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor, who have never coached again. Good people who were positive influences in their communities. The message sent here is if you win enough games, your actions don’t matter. It’s not about knowing him or his family. It’s about the law and who should be certified to coach our children.

    • BP

      Opinions are like aholes and we all have one and that’s all it is. What may seem right to you doesn’t seem right to another. My guess is with this guys impeccable record as a tax paying law abiding citizen with 35 years on the job he will get a deferred judgment, probation, complete a substance abuse program and all charges will be dismissed. This is the law so why would he not be able to coach or do any job for that matter? He’s stepping down from teaching (right decision in my mind), but probably was forced to do so and I would say that’s a penalty, fines is a penalty, embarrassment, and all of the above. Obviously most of you people must have golden slippers on.

  • Wow

    As a member of the Carlisle Community I’m apauld at how we’re treating him like a hero. Had it of been any other staff member / coach they would have been fired and ask never to return. But because Flaws takes us to State Tournaments we’ll look past breaking the law and drug use? That’s just wrong. I hope all you softball players realize how wrong you really are one day. Stop treating him like a god because he took you to State. Do you not understand YOU are the ignorant ones. YOU only see what you want to. Not us.
    I don’t want my children to be taught a sport and/or punished by someone that abuses illegal drugs. I’m disgusted by this.

    • forgotyourperfect

      ^ Wow- It has come to my attention that you are willing to attack other people who support him, and assume it is all because of the talent the softball program constantly has. For your information he is more than a coach to his players. He has changed young girls lives because he had such a positive influence on them. In the darkest moments of his past players and present he will never give up on them and will do anything to help them be a better person. You are so quick to call everyone out, but if you would even know more behind all of this it could change how you feel. I take that back… people like you will never see past his mistake and just hope that he can get the help that he needs if needed. The softball family will support him through this, as he supports them through their tough times. Haters are going to hate so keep on hating because this program and family will conquer all of this together.

  • D howell

    I don’t know this man but my concern would be if he is using he should not be around players or students. Since it is hard drugs they could take a hair sample every couple of months to see if he is using. I don’t know the schooll’s policies or past history but surely they have rules covering such things.

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