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Ankeny Construction at All-Time High in 2014

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ankenyANKENY, Iowa – City officials say a survey on construction in 2014 reveals it was a record-breaking year for development in the city.

The City of Ankeny saw $318 million in construction valuation for 2014, with record-breaking totals for both residential and commercial development. City officials call it a good sign that both types of construction are at an all-time high, because it not only means more people want to live in Ankeny, but more businesses want to open up shop there, too.

City officials cite a strong school system as a major reason more people are flocking to the area, but also credit its close proximity to the 80-35 highways as a reason many businesses find the city attractive.

“When people ask about Ankeny’s population, they always want to know where does the number stand. And just looking at 2005 compared to 2015, in 2005, we were at about 36,000 people, and now we’re well over 50,000,” said Tina Potthoff, Communications Manager for the City of Ankeny. “So in the past 10¬†years, we’ve had 15,000 people move in to Ankeny.”

Potthoff says early projections show 2015 will be another strong year for construction valuation in the city, as well.