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House Committee Formally Requests Clinton’s Private Emails

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WASHINGTON — The House Committee investigating the attacks in Benghazi formally requested that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hand over her private email server to the independent inspector general for the State Department, or to another neutral third party.

In a letter sent Friday to Clinton’s lawyer and obtained by CNN, committee Chairman Trey Gowdy gave Clinton until April 3 to respond to the request or risk having the issue taken up by the full House of Representatives, which could vote to subpoena the server.

“I am asking Secretary Clinton to relinquish her server to a neutral, detached and independent third-party, such as the Inspector General for the State Department, for review and an independent accounting of any records contained on the server, including a determination of which documents in the Secretary’s possession belong to the State Department and which are private,” Gowdy wrote to Clinton lawyer David Kendall, calling the request “eminently reasonable.”

Republicans have been calling on Clinton to turn over her email server to an independent third-party since news broke earlier this month that she used a personal email account to conduct official State Department business. She did not have an official government email account.

Clinton has turned over 55,000 pages of work-related email to the State Department for review. But Republicans have argued that Clinton should not be the arbiter of which emails were private and which were official.

“Her arrangement allows her to resolve any close calls and err, if at all, on the side of non-disclosure,” Gowdy wrote in the letter. “There is no assurance the public record regarding the Secretary’s emails is complete.”

Clinton has said she will not turn over the server that housed her personal email. Clinton representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But Democrats on the committee pushed back against Gowdy’s letter, arguing that when their party led similar probes, Democrats did not demand a neutral, third party arbiter.

Starting in 2007, then-House Oversight Committee Chairman Henry Waxman investigated White House officials who used Republican National Committee email accounts to conduct government business.

“When Bush Administration officials used the Republican National Committee server for official White House business, Democrats worked with RNC lawyers and staff to make sure the proper emails were turned over and preserved. The only reason to depart from that practice here is because Secretary Clinton may run for President,” said Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who sits on the Benghazi committee. “The GOP members of the Select Committee may think this is good presidential politics, but it is a terrible abuse of a tax-payer funded committee that was supposed to investigate a tragedy in Benghazi.”


    • John Smith

      Wow, at least you picked an article ABOUT Hillary Clinton to SPAM this time! That’s progress!

      Now, all the Murdoch Street Journal has to do is actually PROVE there were laws broken. When do you reckon they will be getting started on that?

  • John Smith

    Another fishing trip for House Republicans!

    How many tens of MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars are budgeted for them to WASTE this time?
    Hint: That horse is dead, no matter how much you continue to beat it…

  • Sara

    You know she’s hiding something when she won’t turn over her email server to an independent third-party.

    And, Who cares how many millions of taxpayer dollars are spent ! They will just print more. Dumbacrats…..

    • John Smith

      Nothing but sheer, utter BS. Your record is in tact.

      Tell you what: How about YOU stop back when YOU turn over ALL of your personal correspondence to some witch hunt? YOU have nothing to hide, right?

      Oh, and, BTW: ACTUAL AMERICANS care about millions of taxpayer dollars being peed down a hole for no possible benefit to America. Your complete misunderstanding of our economic system notwithstanding.

      • Sara

        Trust me John… I know more than you do. I understand everything.

        What I can’t comment on anything unless YOU approve it?

        I would turn over all of my emails. I have nothing to be ashamed of. NOTHING

        Your just mad because I said something about your girl.

        She is just your type.

      • John Smith

        Oh, I see: Not even beginning to understand our economic system is probably the LEAST of your deficiencies, huh, SARA?

        Well, bad news: In the United States of America, Congress isn’t entitled to someone’s personal papers just because they say they are. Otherwise, the MILLIONS of emails sent by Bush White House staffers on PRIVATE RNC SERVERS would have been in the public domain by now, right? Since the email protocols were already in effect for the White House BEFORE the Bush Presidency? And, YEARS before the Department of State?

        Yeah, you sure know a lot. Now, if only someone can figure out the difference between fact and fiction for you, you’ll be all set.

      • John Smith

        I’m perfectly calm, SARA. Then, again, I’m not the one in this conversation who can’t trust one damned thing she “knows”; that would be you.

        But, don’t you worry none: As near as I can tell, that is a Republican feature for the last 3+ decades, now.

  • John Smith

    You know, all that Rep. Gowdy and House Republicans need to do is actually produce ONE official email from SoS Clinton that isn’t amongst the thousands of pages she has already turned over to the Department of State. Just ONE.

    Anyone think they’ll manage to do that? Or, will they stick to the old “if we don’t have it, that means it must exist!” BS that the New York Times used so effectively in their original hit piece?

      • John Smith

        And, none so unoriginal as RIGHT WING PARROTS and their non sequitur quotations.

        Back to the topic: In the United States of America, we presume people innocent until proven guilty of something. So, either come up with some actual proof of something (or, in this case, ANYTHING), or stop throwing tens of millions of taxpayer dollars away on a blatant, unAMerican political witch hunt.

        You know, since incessant whining to someone to prove a negative ISN’T PROOF OF ANYTHING.

  • Right Wing Patriot

    John – another cliche…if the shoe fits. You say no eveidence…thats we they are investigating. Duh. This stinks to high heaven. I appreciate your passion, but at some point integrity has to trump blind political support.

    • John Smith

      The matter of BENGHAZI!!!! HAS ALREADY BEEN INVESTIGATED 40+ times at a cost of TENS OF MILLIONS of tax dollars. And, each time the conclusion has been exactly the same: Nada, zip, zilch.

      Now, you want to spend EVEN MORE MILLIONS to investigate WHAT, exactly? A POTENTIAL violation of a RULE (not even a law) that went into effect some little time AFTER SoS Clinton left office?

      Why? What POSSIBLY justifies throwing more good money at a problem that only exists in rabid, radical Rightwingnut minds? What benefit is it to the American People to throw away more funds, particularly at the behest of the political party which incessantly whines about funds?

      Either PROVE your case, or kindly stop with the whiny baby act.

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