Steve King: ‘I don’t understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second’

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Iowa’s Republican Rep. Steve King suggested Friday that some American Jews feel like “Democrats first and Jewish second.”

“Here is what I don’t understand, I don’t understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second and support Israel along the line of just following their President,” King, a hardline conservative, said Friday on Boston Herald Radio,

“It says this, they’re knee-jerk supporters of the President’s policy,” King said.

King has met with virtually every Republican considering a 2016 presidential run, hosting the first cattle call of 2016 Republican hopefuls in Iowa in January.

King was responding to a question about the nearly 60 Democrats, including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who decided to boycott Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress earlier this month. Netanyahu came to Congress in defiance of the White House to sound the alarm over the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran, stressing that President Barack Obama was preparing to reach a “bad deal” on Iran’s nuclear program.

When asked if anti-Semitism was a factor — it’s not clear if the host was referring to Obama’s policies — King said yes, along with “plain liberalism.”

According to recent polls, a majority of American Jews support the Democratic Party.

Several Jewish groups also criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and his repudiation last week of a Palestinian state in the lead-up to the elections.

Netanyahu has since walked back those comments, insisting that he supports a “sustainable, peaceful two-state solution.”

A number of Jewish groups — both in the U.S. and Israel — advocate for a two-state solution and some oppose Netanyahu’s position on the peace process.


  • vinnievincent

    King is right! Same goes Catholics, too. I know plenty that vote liberal tickets and causes, despite the fact that what and whom they support go againts the Bible and or their Church doctrine (ie Catechism). Thankfully you don’t see much of that in Baptist, Pentecostal and AG churches.

    • marcopolish

      I think it’s because they are uninformed and ignorant, in the face of extremely persistent and durable effective political rhetoric that has gone unchallenged in socialist infested public education venues and the media for generations. Good people are easily lulled and so are surprised when unrelenting liberty-undermining campaigns result in periodic racism, pogroms and totalitarianism from the left. Thus, genocide repeats. The twentieth century is full of them and we have already seen their equivalent all over the globe in this century. Why anyone is surprised at all should be the real surprise. If you haven’t had your freedom or very life taken from you in your actual experience, it seems easy to turn your back on the determined forces that will bring it about. It is easy to fool you and even employ you in its aims, using rhetoric. Law of survival number one: ignore the words and observe the behavior!!!

      • marcopolish

        You could probably qualify for being the most outlandishly incorrect person of the decade regarding Democrats. Catholics are mostly good, but any of them voting Democrat are seriously misinformed. Believing what you state is the equivalent of declaring Hitler and Stalin to have been good guys who were “misunderstood.” Open your eyes before they bring on another Holocaust with your unwitting help.

    • marcopolish

      Yes, thank goodness we still have some real Christians fighting the rabid anti-Semitism of this administration and the left. Next they’ll assure us that “Arbeit Macht Frei.”

  • John Smith

    I, myself, can’t understand why Rep. King doesn’t understand the difference between “Jews” and “Israelis”. Or, for that matter, between “Israelis” and “House Republicans”.

    • marcopolish

      If you were a Jew you would have no problem. Since you are not, it is clearly “not your problem.” They will find a way to survive the coming onslaught despite you, John.

      • John Smith

        Do you EVER do anything but rant and rave your utter BS here? Or, like Rep. King, do you simply not understand that Israel is a separate country from the United States of America?

      • marcopolish

        John, somebody has to keep you honest and point out your hypocrisy and anti-human positions. Proud to do it. When you complain, I know I have hit your malice right where it is most hostile.

      • John Smith

        Yeah, POLISH, this is the same BS you try to run EVERY time you get your sorry pink, saggy butt kicked, dimwit. Better let your string-pullers know you need new writers, again.

        Though, how they expect you to get through an entire weekend without WHO AM Radio to tell you what to think is certainly a mystery.

      • marcopolish

        Have no idea what you are talking about. But thanks for showing everyone your true colors yet again. Every time you do it makes taking you seriously that much harder for the readers. You really don’t know what else to do when you are on the wrong side of a point. Pretty soon people see you for a broken record singing a wrong song with no way of ever learning more than your own error. Your choice, your loss.

      • John Smith

        “Have no idea what you are talking about.”

        Well, I wouldn’t feel too badly, if I were you: You clearly have no idea what YOU are talking about, either. SOP for you, I should say.

  • Gib Pleh

    Wow. I just lost any and all respect for him. He’s apparently no different than the rest.
    Netanyahu need to stay the hell away from us (U.S.) We are DONE sending our kids to fight their battles.

  • Clyde

    Without Netanyahu, Isreal will become a memory. Now how is it, Obama can send people to Isreal, trying to derail his election, but it’s not ok, that Netanyahu can speak to our congress???
    I understand, that Democrats can’t read to well so they won’t read the whole news story, or they have to get their news from madcow or whatever her name is or John Stewart and that’s why they see nothing wrong with our foreign policy, or whatever it’s called now. And as long as Obama is apoligizing to the entire world, I’d say he owes Isreal a big one.

      • marcopolish

        Ah, thank you, the name calling that says concession. That’s the only way you can lose: by choosing the lowlife, crude path. We see the true colors. Bravo.

      • John Smith

        Uh, Mr. MARCOPOLICH, sir? No one is “name-calling”. You need to skip to another section in “Rush’s Big Book of Snappy Comebacks”. After you and CLYDE are “finished”, of course.

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