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Cedar Rapids Pastor Deported to Honduras

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Villatoro family.


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — A Cedar Rapids pastor is back in Honduras for the first time since 1995. Pastor Max Villatoro lost his fight against deportation Friday morning.

Protestors quickly rallied around the pastor and his family when he was arrested by immigration officials on March 3rd. H-e was among 2,000 people taken into custody as part of a federal immigration sting targeting illegal immigrants with criminal records.

Villatoro’s past convictions included drunk driving and records tampering. His attorney says it’s now Villatoro’s four children who are being punished

“These are American children that deserve protection from their government and what did their government do? They took their dad away, that’s just wrong, that’s just wrong, and that’s not what the president promised he would be doing, Max Villatoro is not an enforcement priority, and they got this one wrong,” says immigration lawyer David Leopold.

Villatoro is now trying to get a visa that would allow him to return to the United States. His attorney says it is a complicated process that will take an extended amount of time.


    • Fed UP

      He entered this country TWICE illegally, then drives drunk, and if he got married and had kids here, that’s on him. Why should we look the other way when he’s the one breaking all the laws. If we had done this 2 decades ago with ALL illegals, we wouldn’t be in this mess now.

  • marcopolish

    Good. I manage to not break laws so as to not endanger the people I love. No laws, no country, no freedom, no nothing. If his children are disadvantaged, HE did it to them.

  • Mike Cee

    He’s an illegal who has proven himself to be not only a criminal, but a burden on our justice system. He has a significant number of records on Iowa Courts Online. The public (and probably his family) are better off without him around. Given this guy’s irresponsible behavior it’s only a matter of time before he kills or injures someone while he’s behind the wheel.

  • Linda

    I am sorry, but this is where this man belongs. If this would have happened when he first ILLEGALLY entered our country, he (and his kids) would not be in the mess that he created himself! There is a lesson to be learned here, but I doubt that anyone will pass their test.

  • John Smith

    Here, and I thought all those real Americans out there would be overjoyed at this news. I would think that Rep. Steve King would be dancing in the streets, for instance.

    A lot of ethics do indeed seems to be situational, I reckon.

  • Gib Pleh

    Good riddance, criminal invader thief. Shame on the media for glorifying this criminal. Real Americans need jobs, not more welfare thieves.

  • bjertbjaeger

    By the way, he isn’t a pastor, he was informally training to be one, he was a construction worker, and his “church” likes illegals because it’s an easily manipulated segment of the population prone to superstition. The catholic church is now seeing it’s hispanic followers moving out in the pentecostal churches where the real money is.

  • GeorgeDubya

    i am glad that another Republican supporter has been expelled from this country. They should not have deported him, they should have shoot him and his children. They are the spawn of the devil these illegals. They want to turn their lives around at our expense. Why George Bush never drink a drop in his life and the good lord choose him as president! I think it would have been cheaper to put the whole family outside their house and shoot them all. Then confiscate all their belongings and have a great garage sale! I remember when we had to remove those indians from the land and then they wanted some kind of judge just because we rid the earth of their ugly skin! This is a republic not a democracy them illegals have to get the message that we believe in God and the gun!

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