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Domestic Violence Survivor Releases PSA

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DES MOINES, Iowa--A Des Moines woman is hoping a new public service announcement will help revive a bill she's pushing for at the statehouse.

Tiffany Allison released the PSA Sunday on Senate File 23. The Bill is designed to protect victims of violent crimes and requires repeat offenders to serve 85-percent of their prison sentence instead of being released early for good behavior. Currently,  most inmates serve just one-third of their sentence due to Iowa's 'Good Time Policy.'

Sen. Matt McCoy introduced SF23 after hearing Allison's story. Allison was attacked by her boyfriend and held hostage in her own home. Her offender was sentenced for two-and-a-half years but served just ten months due to good behavior. Allison said just one year after his release he attacked another woman and is currently in prison.

Sen. Steve Sodders failed to advance the bill out of committee saying domestic abuse advocates were not behind the bill.

However, Sen. McCoy hopes to attach the bill as an amendment to another piece of legislation this year.

Allison is encouraging people who feel strongly about SF23 to contact their lawmakers and encourage them to push for this legislation this year.



  • Jodi Carterr

    Does Sen. Steve Sodders really believe that all domestic abuse victims and advocates want there offenders released early?? So he is under the impression that it really didnt matter the first time or second time since they now will be released early? Thanks for having our backs on this issue!! Having it tied to a bill that has kidnappers and murders??????

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