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THE INSIDERS: Elizabeth Warren for President? March 22nd Edition, Part 1

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Elizabeth Warren is a United States Senator from Massachusetts, and she knows how to whoop up the Left.  Some liberals like her fire and think she can challenge Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for the 2016 Presidency.  However Warren says she does not plan to run.

Blair Lawton, Iowa Field Director for "Run Warren Run," joins Channel 13's Dave Price in this week's edition of The Insiders.  He tells Price that the Iowa's Ready for Warren movement is active, and is pushing out calls for Warren to change her mind.


For part 2, click here.


  • John Smith

    Such a move would be VERY premature on Senator Warren’s part, in my opinion. I also think that she can be of far more use in the US Senate at the present time: Her populist economic message is certainly very timely.

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