Southwest Iowa Struggling To Finish Planting

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Iowa as a whole is more than 90 percent done planting corn and has half of its beans in the ground according to USDA, but southwest Iowa is struggling with wet weather.

There, only 75 percent of corn is planted and 17 percent of beans.

Doug Holliday farms near Greenfield in Adair county, he says constant drizzling has kept field equipment in the shed and instances of three inch downpours has washed away some of the seeds he had already planted.

"The season's stayed cool and moist. For our area I'd say very moist. There's been very few days that you've been able to jump into the field. He says, "We're corn on corn, and corn stalks don't dry out as quick."Holliday says, "It just stays damp and wet enough that we just can'tquite go. If we were following bean stubble we'd get along a lot better. And wemaybe'll have to go back to a corn/bean rotation. You know, you hit Springs like this where it's damp and you just can't get it in."

Now two weeks behind schedule, Holliday says all they need is a couple days to finish up corn, "We like to run from the 20th of April to the 10th of May, you know. Now we're sliding back and sliding back and June 1st is getting closer."
He adds, "But as you go further south from here it's the same situation. There's a lot of acres that are not in yet. The next week doesn't look too promising."