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Colfax Man Comes Home to Roof Repairs He Never Ordered

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COLFAX, Iowa--Imagine coming home to find contractors tearing off your roof, for a job you never ordered and still getting stuck with the bill.

Early Wednesday morning Tony Audas noticed something quite unusual at his mother-in-law`s home at the corner of Southwest West and West Washington Street in Colfax.  'I came by here while working and the roof was all torn off and we never called anybody to do the roof," said Audas.

The job, authorized by Deever Roofing in Des Moines, was supposed to be done at 111 Southwest West Street, just a block and a half to the south.  Audas said, "So, I start asking questions, like why is my roof torn off?  Turns out they had the wrong address."

Louis Marques a roofer from Des Moines, said, "We just got confused with the address and then we got a call that the materials were here and we were at the wrong house."

Then Tony says the situation nearly dug into his wallet.  "Then they wanted us to pay for it and I said no, it`s your mess up not mine."

Deever Roofing, realizing their mistake, made Tony a deal he couldn't refuse.  "So, now they are giving us a free roof."

It turned what could have been a disaster, into the deal of a lifetime.  "It`s pretty great.  The old roof was pretty good but it`s nice to have a brand new one," Audas said with a smile.  "I wish this could happen everyday.  It`s a blessing from God and I love it."

Despite the good deal for Audas, the homeowner where the original roofing work was supposed to be done will be still be charged for service to the home at 111 SW West St.