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Search for Justice Continues 6 Months after Metro Night Club Victim’s Death

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- It's been almost six months to the day since a young father of two was laid to rest. Everyday since his family has spent searching for answers.

“You want to know does someone know something new today. Will we get some justice? Is justice near?” says TaShae Bell.

Last November, DaShawn Smith was shot and killed outside of the Evolution Night Club. Thursday’s news of an arrest is the most activity the case has seen in months. Deputies arrested 27-year-old Mykael Maggett after he was seen firing a handgun into a crowd outside of the club on surveillance video.

Deputies also released several surveillance photos of people of interest. Bell, Smith’s sister, says she recognized both Maggett and several of the other people police are looking for.

She feels the person who took her brother’s life could be right under her nose, “It's still that feeling of how could he have been so loved but yet no one is speaking up?"

Investigators say between 200 and 300 people witnessed the shooting at the night club on November 8.  They are looking for multiple shooters.

A spokesperson for the Polk County Sheriff’s office says detectives are making slow yet good progress on the investigation.

“Until we find out who they are we can`t talk to them. So once we do find out who they are, then it’s going and finding out where they are now and trying to interview them,” says Sgt. Brandon Bracelin.

Just hours after the release of the photos, the Sheriff’s Office already has received a few identifications of the people of interest.

For any information regarding the case, contact Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa at 223-1400.