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Associate Dean of Drake Law School Says ‘Nothing Unusual’ About Clinton Case

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use gave everyone a rare look into the process of a federal investigation.

David McCord with Drake University Law School says there is actually nothing out of the ordinary about this case, except of course the names of those involved.

"It's very common for investigations not to lead to criminal charges," said McCord. "This is in no way unusual for an investigation to lead to a recommendation not to prosecute. If this was not Hillary Clinton, then we wouldn't know about this at all. The investigating agency would investigate it, they would recommend no prosecution, the prosecutor wouldn't prosecute it and it would be the end of the story because nobody would know the story even existed other than a hand full of people."

McCord says the director of the FBI has a political role to play as well as a law enforcement role, making his openness about this particular case a necessity.