‘Now the Work Really Begins,’ Former Iowa AG Reacts to Clinton’s Historic Moment

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Hillary Clinton’s historic moment Thursday night will be an emotional one for her close friend and former Iowa politician.

Bonnie Campbell has been a friend of Hillary Clinton for almost 30 years. During that time, Campbell helped change the path for women in politics in Iowa an opportunity she is thankful for but one she’s not focusing on right now.

"I'm very happy, I'm proud of her and I'm excited about the potential for her."

Campbell served as Iowa’s first female attorney general in 1990 and the first chairwoman for the Iowa Democratic Party. She eventually went on to work as a part of the Clinton administration in 1995. She recalls Hillary Clinton as someone with the great sense of humor and an even stronger ethic.

“For all the years that she has been doing good things; serving in the public light and being a public servant, she’s also been a target of the attack machine," she said. "The fact that she is still standing after all those attacks is a real tribute to her stamina, her commitment of doing the job -- no matter the obstacles.”

Campbell says she never thought she'd live to see a women nominated for President and the accomplishment means a lot to women within her generation.

"It's been a really emotional week for me. First of all she made it half way there and now the work really begins."