Donald Trump Campaigns in Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spent Thursday night speaking directly to Iowans.

“We're gonna make America great again, but I watched last night, we're gonna make America better than ever before, believe me. But I watched last night, and they're not talking about the real world,” Trump said.

Trump held a rally in Cedar Rapids Thursday night. He talked about President Obama's Democratic National Convention speech -- which painted an optimistic view of America.

Trump says Obama failed to talk about what's actually going on in our country.

“So I watch last night, Obama, talking about his world, a beautiful world. You know his beautiful world. He doesn`t talk about radical Islamic terrorism. He doesn`t talk about the fact that people don`t want to fly on airplanes and that people don`t want to go to theaters. He doesn`t talk about what`s going on,” Trump told the crowd.

Gov. Terry Branstad, Sen. Joni Ernst, and Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann -- were also there to make their case for Trump.