Governor Branstad Responds to Donald Trump’s Controversial Comments

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Everyone on the political spectrum is weighing in on Donald Trump's controversial words about the family of a Muslim American soldier who was killed in Iraq, including Governor Branstad.

On Monday, Branstad said Trump has made a mistake, both in attacking the Khan family and veering off message with his campaign.

"First of all, I think anyone who died in service of our country is a hero," Branstad said. "I think that was a mistake. I believe the focus needs to be on the differences he has with Hillary Clinton in terms of policies. She's part of the long-standing Washington D.C. establishment. I think people are tired of the elites and the establishment running our country and they are looking for a new direction. I think that's what he needs to focus on."

The governor would not say if he thinks that Trump owes an apology to the Khan family.