Iowa Woman Offended by Crowd Control at Trump Event, Others View it Differently

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Tensions ran high outside Des Moines' Hy-Vee Hall before Donald Trump's scheduled appearance with protestors chanting, "No to Trump!"

Inside was a much different climate with cheers of "USA!" and "lock her up," when referring to Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

While the overwhelming majority found Trump energizing, not everyone was exactly cheering and Carrie Clogg of Des Moines says others easily noticed.

"We were not saying anything disruptive," Clogg said. "We were not doing anything but standing and listening and secret service started closing in on us which we thought was odd. Then finally one came up to me and asked me if I was a Trump supporter. I said no but I'm just here to simply listen and learn and he said if you cause a raucous you will be arrested. It was really offensive that someone, there to simply listen, was threatened with arrest."

Witnesses like Amy Rubel saw the incident a different way and confronted Carrie. "That's just telling you because they want a calm atmosphere for a political rally, said Amy.  Carrie replied saying,  "I was calm." Then Amy said, "But they didn't threaten you in any way." To which Carrie replied, "Yes they did they threatened to arrest me." Amy said, "But if you think about it, it's really obvious when you are standing in a crowd with people applauding and somebody who's not a supporter, not applauding, it's really obvious."

Amy believes what Carrie went through was more of a positive for the rally as a whole.

"When people get upset when they start having fights and so forth, I think the idea is just to be proactive rather than reactive," Rubel said. "If it offended you I'm sure the officer if he were here, would come up and say I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you."

Carrie wasn't the only one given a watchful eye. Amy had an incident as well.

"A friend of mine put his hands in his pocket and secret service pulled it out and he was physically touched, but they were doing their job."

The rally and her incident cemented Carrie's views on Trump.

"Emphasizes how this campaign is centered around hate and centered around doubt."

For Amy, who came in undecided, the rally brought her clarity to vote Trump in November.

"We came out of here, there wasn't any violence, we got off without a hitch. My vote is now decided and I would say they did a fabulous job."

A Trump campaign spokesperson says they have not changed any security measures at rallies when it comes to audience members. They also indicated that they were unaware of the incidents that both Rubel and Clogg described Friday.