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Iowans React to Donald Trump’s Return to Des Moines

DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowan's who want to "Make America Great Again" are willing to wait an entire workday out in the heat just to hear from the man himself.

"I knew that I wanted to get here early, get a good seat, because I want to see the man that's going to make America great again," said Alec Gavin, a supporter of Trump.

Many supporters gathered in front of the Iowa Events Center as early as 8 a.m. Friday to get a front-row seat at Donald Trump and Mike Pence's rally in Des Moines. Steven Block, another local supporter, says he was in line since 2 a.m.

"Love going to the rallies, they're super exciting," Block said. "And my buddy over there Randy, a front-row Joe, as he's been to a dozen of these already."

But not all Iowans are happy about Donald Trump's return to Des Moines; some have even put up a billboard on Fleur Drive that urges Iowans to "Dump Trump."

"We put it up because we feel Donald Trump is flat-out wrong," said Hugh Espey, executive director of the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund. "He's a billionaire that uses hate, and fear, and racism to motivate voters. And we don't think that's good for our political system, we don't think that's good for our communities, we don't think that's good for our democracy."

Iowa CCI says the billboard is anti-Trump, but that doesn't make it an endorsement for Hillary Clinton. Rather, they say recent headlines made by Trump regarding his comments on Muslims should disqualify him for the presidency in the eyes of Iowa voters.

"So this is not about Hillary Clinton, this is about Donald Trump, and saying, 'What you're doing and how you're talking to voters, and making it okay to anti-immigrant, and making it okay to be anti-Muslim, is not okay,'" Espey said.

Trump supporters say, however, that his brutal honesty is what they respect about him.

"He may come off rough, sometimes - he does - but I can identify, because so can I," Block said. "And I just want a better country for my children and my children's children - the kind that I grew up with."

It's a value Block appreciates, while Iowa Democrats just down the street claim Trump's values are not Iowa values at all.

"You know, generally, we in the Clinton campaign do not think Trump shares Iowa values, and we've seen that pretty vividly in recent days," said Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, in a pro-Clinton rally outside the Iowa Events Center.