Adel Girl Scout Troop Raises Thousands for Dog Park

ADEL, Iowa -- Members of Girl Scout Troop 505 took a project to the next level for their community Sunday.

The four girls were going after a bronze award, which needed to be a project that was unique to the community, measurable and sustainable. The troop settled on building a dog park for the city of Adel.

"I'm going to be really proud of it," says Rebecca Yanacheak.

The park will include a small and large dog enclosure, several obstacles and benches.

"It will feel really good inside to know that I helped the community and I accomplished this task," says Rachel Helm.

The troop worked with the city and public works to find a location and get all the appropriate permits to make the project a reality. They also raised more than $17,000.

"I am super proud of them, at first, I thought this is a great idea but over time it became daunting but they stuck with it, stayed focus, they continued to raise money," says Troop Leader Jackie Giles.

The park, located just North of the Adel Aquatic Center, will have a grand opening on Aug. 14 at 2 p.m.