City Leaders Hope New Initiative Boosts Arts and Cultural Experiences


DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines is known for its business attractions but the city is looking to make the arts more of a focal point.

“Companies can get someone to work here but if you can get someone to live here, that requires assets, community, quality of life. That`s what the arts are really contributing to. It’s an essential component of our fabric,” said Sally Dix, Executive Director of Bravo of Greater Des Moines.

The city is implementing a regional cultural assessment. Leaders say the plan will boost art, culture, and heritage within the community, as well as enhance the quality of life and economic development.

Bravo Greater Des Moines and Drake University are partnering on the project as well as several other groups.

Dix says she’s not sure what new artistic additions the city will add and says the effort will be a constant work in progress.

“What we are talking about is a very open-ended process and we do not have preconceived outcomes for this,” said Dix. “Many other communities have done this cultural planning and the outcomes are as unique as the communities themselves .”

The city already has close to 100 pieces of public art downtown.