Procession Takes Fallen Officer by West Des Moines Police Station

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- For nearly three decades, Officer Shawn Miller called the West Des Moines Police Department home.

On Sunday, he went home one final time.

“It was very important to (Miller's family) and very important for us to be able to go by there and honor him that way,” said West Des Moines Police Department spokesperson, Sgt. Jason Bryan.

A sea of red and blue followed behind the hearse carrying the police and military veteran. In front of the police station, the street was lined with friends and strangers alike paying their respects.

“We are going to miss Shawn," Mike Ayers said. "The community is going to miss Shawn. I haven`t hurt like this in a long time. He was a good man."

Hundreds of others waited outside of Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in West Des Moines for the officer's visitation. It was a surreal feeling for Sgt. Jason Bryan, who in March stood guard patrolling the funeral service for Des Moines Officer Susan Farrell.

“You walk away from those funerals, saying, 'I don`t want to do that again anytime soon,'” Sgt. Bryan said.

It's now the West Des Moines Police Department who needs support in time of need. Metro agencies will step in to take the department’s service calls so employees can attend Miller's funeral on Monday. Thousands of agencies from across the state and country are expected to show up too, reaching as far as Colorado.

“Generally speaking, the officers just come," Sgt. Bryan said. "They don`t tell us, they don`t need to tell us. They just show up in their patrol cars and we are real thankful for that.”

Sgt. Bryan says the support and kind words from the community and other police agencies has been overwhelming. He says Officer Miller would be humbled by the outpouring of support.

“He would be the type of officer who would say 'you don`t need to do all this for me` but it's our honor to do this for him," Sgt. Bryan said.

Officer Miller’s funeral will be held at Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in West Des Moines on Monday at 11 a.m. He will be laid to rest at the Iowa Veterans Cemetery in Adel.

Miller was 47 years old. He leaves behind a wife and three children.