Fans and Friends Remember Race Car Driver Killed in Wreck

KNOXVILLE, Iowa - Flowers line the trailer where Bryan Clauson's number 17 car sits, but Bryan won’t step on the pedal at the Knoxville Nationals. The sprint car racer died Sunday after a wreck in Kansas the previous night.

“The only comment you heard about Bryan was what a wonderful person he was,” said Clauson’s car owner Matt Wood.

Clauson’s friends and family mourn the 27-year-old's death, along with the racing community. Lines formed at his merchandise trailer and Danica Patrick helped to hand out shirts.

“He was huge, he would just give his time to anybody who needed it and he would to ya, he was a great person,” said fan Jeff Davis. Those who knew him best finding out there is no easy answer for one of

Those who knew him best finding out there is no easy answer for one of life's most difficult questions.

“There`s no book, there`s no program, you can`t Google it online and say what do you do when one of your best friends and a bunch of other things was killed,” said Wood.

Clauson died in his prime; he had already won 70 races and had even led laps at the Indy 500 back May. He often raced for NASCAR legend Tony Stewart's team. The NASCAR superstar driver remembers Bryan for his attitude. “He just always had a smile on his face, it's like, even on a bad day he would find a smile and find something positive about it. That`s the dream driver that you want, someone that can go fast, win races, and has fun doing it,” said Stewart.

Though Bryan is gone he will not be forgotten, especially by the five people who received his organs. He was an organ donor and the doctors we able to successfully harvest them to save lives.

"The cliché statement is Bryan will always be with us, but with Bryan saving five lives we can literally say Bryan will always be with us, and that`s the cool thing about Bryan, that shows what kind of person he is. Even after he passes away he saved five people`s lives and he's going to forever affect five people and give them the life that they deserve,” said friend Blake Anderson.

The driver who brought so much joy to people in life, now brings life to people through death.