New Fair Food: The Pride of Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The 2016 Iowa State Fair is officially underway and some new eats are vying for the top spot in the New Food Contest.

This year’s additions include a variety of items on-a-stick: cheddar bacon cheese, funnel bacon, jalapeno double bacon corndog, and even fried fruit.

With over two dozen new items, the committee has whittled the finalists down to just three: Ice Cream Nachos, Not You Mamma Tacos, and The Pride of Iowa.

The Pride of Iowa Wrap boasts a jalapeno cheddar tortilla with pork shoulder, sweet corn salsa, and hickory smoked bacon bits. It is layered with cheddar jack cheese, fresh avocado relish, chipotle aioli and crispy tortilla bites for added texture.

“Everything is very fresh. There is not fried food here,” said G Mig’s owner, George Migliero. “You’ll have fresh stuff made by us every day.”

The wrap is available at G’Mig’s 5th Street Pub, located southeast of the Varied Industries Building.

Despite the large size of the wrap, Migliearo says “It’s not super heavy and you’ll feel good after eating it.”

The mega-wrap will run you $8.

In addition to the main sandwich, G Mig’s offers four other wraps including a breakfast burrito.