Trump’s Child Care Program Claims Being Questioned

DES MOINES, Iowa – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is under fire for claims he made during an event with Channel 13 News last November.

During the “Channel 13 News Iowa Forums”, Trump was asked about work-place child care.

“We have two of them they call ’em Trump kids and Trumpeteers . . . I have ’em cause I have a lot of different businesses. It’s usually called Trumpeteers and it’s cute,” Trump said. “They have a lot of children there. They take care of ’em. And a parent, when they leave the job – in my case it’s clubs or hotels – when they leave the job, they pick up their child and the child is totally safe. They even come in during the day during lunch to see their child it really works out well.”

A check of Donald Trump’s business websites tells a different story.

Rather than a child care service for employees, the Trump Hotel website describes the Trump Kids program as a “special travel program designed to help make your family vacation a big hit.” The program involved activities for vacationing kids such as swimming lessons, board games and children’s books.

For the “Trumpeteers” program, you have to go to Donald Trump’s golf course website. The program is described as “a program created specifically for our youngest members, ages 3 to 12, which offers daily and evening childcare.”

Employees interviewed by the Associated Press say neither program offers on-site child care for workers.