LiveWell Minute: Radioembolization

There's a new procedure available at John Stoddard Cancer Center.  It's called Radioembolization or selective internal radiation therapy.  It allows doctors to deliver high doses of radiation to liver tumors without affecting the liver.

Doctor Andrew D. Nish, Medical Director John Stoddard Cancer Center says, "There's really two benefits.  Number one, we can deliver these high doses of radiation to tumors in the liver without killing the liver. And number two, this is done as an out-patient."

This takes place without major surgery.  We insert a small tube called a catheter into the artery in the groin, just like a heart angiogram.  That catheter is directed into the arteries to the liver.

Dr. Nish says, "You can see these small tumors in the liver and, through the catheter, we deliver these radioactive beads directly to the tumor, allowing us to give a high dose of radiation while sparing the rest of the liver."