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Runners Go Green in Trek to State Fair

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Iowa State Fair is all about fun, food and tradition. Hundreds of thousands of people come make their way to the east side of Des Moines every year via car, bus and on foot.

Rachel Scheib calls this time of the year her favorite year but for a different reason.

“We get to make a big scene when we walk into the fairgrounds," she said. "Everyone sees us with our bag of trash and hopefully it’s a reminder to not throw your trash on the ground."

Scheib is the founder of Green Runners of the Des Moines. This is the fourth year the group has partnered with Keep Iowa Clean as a part of the “Capitol to Corndog" run.

The fun run not only emphasizes on exercise but also the environment,

“When people come to the fair they ought to recognize how clean it is and how important that is in your community,” says Gerry Schnepf, Executive Director of Keep Iowa Clean.

On Monday, dozens of runners grabbed a trash bag and picked up litter along the route from the State Capitol to the fairgrounds.

Organizers hope their efforts not only inspire fairgoers to pick up trash but also those who live in the areas nearby the fairgrounds.

“When you see a community that doesn’t take care of itself that sends a message,” says Schnepf.