Move-In Day at Iowa State University Presents Challenges

AMES, Iowa -- Signing for keys, hauling what can fit in the family car, and countless trips up and down elevators. Tuesday marks move-in day at Iowa State University.

Not every new student will be living on campus, though, overcrowding is causing about 1,400 students to have to live off-campus; the college simply doesn't have enough rooms on its property.

“We`re seeing anywhere from 20-50 students per week come in looking for on-campus housing,” said Lisa Ludovico of the Department of Residence.

Instead, the college is leasing rooms off-campus to hold the overflow; Legacy Tower across from campus grounds is housing 299 students. Students who got a room there are feeling lucky.

“Actually last year, I lived totally off campus so this is closer for me and I`m really excited about it,” said sophomore Christina Meadows.

Others aren't so close, 1,200 students will be living in an apartment complex across from Ames Middle School; two miles from the university.

“I`m a transfer student, so I come from a different college where it took me two minutes to roll out of bed and get to class and here it`s a 30 minute bus ride, so I`m a little nervous about that but I`m looking forward to it, it`s a new change,” said junior Kelly McCurdy.

Regardless of where students are being housed, ISU says it wants to make the experience as close to on-campus living as it can.

“One thing that we know is that Iowa State students do better academically, socially, all of those types of things when they have the on-campus experience,” said Ludovico.

That means to live in staff members and community advisers to help students transition to college life in all ISU managed properties; and with the optimism of a new year ahead of them, students are looking on the bright side no matter where they're living.

“It`s also far enough away where I won’t get all that extra noise and all that extra activity around me, because you have to study sometimes in college!” said McCurdy.