Fair Mural Displays Iowa Agriculture

At the Iowa State Fair a mural is being created to demonstrate Iowa's conservation and water quality efforts.
The Iowa Department of Agriculture joined with many of the state ag groups to commission the project and selected Grand View University art professor Karen Doty.
Doty says she didn't grow up in agriculture, but she did grow up in the country near it. That combined with her enjoyment of outdoor activities led her to draft a mural that has both agriculture and the wildlife of Iowa intertwined. Her mural has the major crops and products of Iowa, sustainable efforts, and animals seen in the countryside.

Doty says, "I'd like people to just get talking about our resources and about our rivers. Together it takes everybody. It takes urban population, it takes the rural farmers and also the naturalists to all band together to keep our rivers clean. So it's not just one person, it's going to be a group effort."

Doty will be painting the mural at select times live at the fair until Friday.