Iowa State Fair Yodeling Champ Practiced While Driving Truck

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Iowa State Fair yodeling contest was won by a first-time entrant Thursday in Heritage Hall.

Chad Sutter of Polk City has been yodeling about five years. He was inspired by attending the yodeling contests at the Iowa State Fair.

"I learned to yodel just watching YouTube videos and then just sing-along,” said Sutter. “Being able to play the guitar really helps, a lot is to just to be able to hear the tune and stay in key, so I just kept practicing and yodeling by myself in the truck.”

Sutter spent three years driving a truck.

This year, the Iowa State Fair and the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs hosted a fitness history walk on day one. It went so well the history walks are continuing each day at 9:15 a.m. from the Grand Concourse.

WHO Radio’s Van Harden has been leading the 30 minute walks around the Fairgrounds. He used walking as his major exercise during his recent weight loss.

"When I first started, I used to do no exercise and I found out that even if you just walk for half an hour a day that's really good for you,” said Harden. "I walk all the time and now there's a crowd of people who walk along with me, that's fun.”

Thursday, the Iowa Park and Recreation Association sponsored a series of events for young people. That included the Big Wheel Races, Bubble Gum Blowing, and Pie Eating.

Shaylyn Johnston of Reinbeck won the teenage category for pie eating.

“I really like pie,” said Johnston. “I just try not to chew so much, and just swallow it all."