Iowa State Fair- New Husband Calling Champ-Mutton Bustin’ Iowa Company

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DES MOINES, Iowa- The Iowa State Fair Husband Calling contest was won by Andrea Williams of Oelwein. She beat out a number of very talented, and vocal husband callers. Not all of the women even had a husband, but all are welcome to compete.

“The story I’ve been with Billy for 17 1/2 years,” said Williams. “I’ve called him a lot of things so when I come to the fair and do the husband calling contest, I practice many a times in my aunts timber out by Fairbank Iowa.”

Free food is also popular at the Iowa State Fair in the form of Iowa Sweet Corn. Ron Deardorff of Dallas County donates some 1200 ears to give away. The Fair Board hires Mike Elsberry of Ogden to cook up the Iowa delicacy.

Luckily it’s not 150° today but it’s 200 up there,” said Elsberry. “We put a bucket the corner there we cook it for six minutes to a full rolling boil that moves the corn around, then we pull it out put it in the totes take it down here to the tables may pass it out.”

On the subject of corn, every year the Iowa State Fair has a tallest corn contest. Farmers are asked to take the plants from the field on the Wednesday before the Fair. This year’s winner, Aaron White of Carlisle. He brought a corn-stalk 21 feet, nine inches tall for first place.

Always fun especially for parents and grandparents, is to watch the Mutton Bustin’ competition. Children have the opportunity to ride a sheep for a few seconds before being thrown off, like an adult bronc rider.

“I wanted to go on it I fell off,” said Gavin Dickinson of Kalona Iowa. Gavin was watching other competitors from on top of his Dad’s shoulders. He said he would like the chance to go again.

The Mutton Bustin’ is run by T&C Rodeo Company, of Lamoni. Owner Talton Toney said they have been at the Iowa State Fair now for 5 years.
“We were trying to get into the state fair for years and I talked to Tonya cook about it she said let’s do mutton busting,” said Toney. “I don’t know who actually invented I just started doing it.”

Toney said he does rodeos over a five state region in the Midwest over July and August.