Pigeons Back At The Fair

If you were at the Iowa State Fair last year, you might have noticed there were missing exhibits.

In 2015, Superintendent of the Pigeon Department at the Iowa State Fair Dave Foelske says disappointment was the main feeling.

He says, "I was disappointed that the 4H'ers couldn't show their poultry and I was disappointed myself because I couldn't show the pigeons myself that I was hoping to show"
The avian influenza was was near the end of a rampage across the state. It emptied out barns for farmers and for show animals. Last year at the pigeon exhibit there were empty cages with just pictures on them for people to vote on.
But that's not the case this year, nothing more has been said of bird flu since quarantines were lifted and the barn is now full.
Foelske says it great to have birds back, because that's why people come to the fair.
He says they're free to show and excited to be back with animals and other pigeon enthusiasts.
He says, "To just talk about pigeons and to have the real stuff here so, so they can sell their birds and talk about their birds and be excited about the shows again."