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Bonduraunt Fire Department Mourns One of their Own

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BONDURANT, Iowa — Deputy Chief Chris Poulson of the Bondurant Fire Department died on Saturday, Aug. 13 after a three and a half-year battle with cancer.

“Cancer is definitely the silent killer of the firefighters, it seems like more and more firefighters across the nation seem to be suffering from cancer,” said Fire Chief Aaron Kreuder.

His peers say the 25-year veteran of the department was a model fireman and a brother.

“Meant everything, he was a mentor to pretty much every one of us. It’s a real good family, real big family; we look out for each other. We might kid and play with each other a little but when that bell goes off it is all professionalism,” said firefighter Jason Vick.

“He was kind of a staple in the department.  Everybody looked up to him, he had a lot of respect; just  because of the amount of time he put it in on the department and probably more so than that just the amount of effort he put into it,” said Chief Kreuder.

He dedicated his life to fighting fires, and paired it with his other love, watching races at the Iowa Speedway.  He worked for the track’s fire crew.

“He’s been there every race he could possibly be at even when he was ill he didn’t want to miss one,” said the Director of Track Services Luke Clement.

His friends and family remember his personality, and for his service.

“He had a couple of things he would do when we had our annual barbecue, he stomped his foot in approval when the meat came out ok,” chuckled Chief Kreuder.

“Anyone that earns their ten-year service award, we named that award after Chris Poulson, so it’s the Chris Poulson 10 year service award and his legacy at our facility,” said Clement.

Chris Poulson was 51.