A New Year at Iowa State University Means Even More Enrollment

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AMES, Iowa - Iowa State University began classes for the 2016-17 school year on Monday with expectations of setting new enrollment records.

The school has issued a preliminary projection of 36,500 students, up 500 over last year’s record enrollment.

The school has hired 70 new tenure-track faculty. More than 12,000 students are living in university housing, but the school says no students are in temporary housing.

In January, Iowa State will open Buchanan Hall II which will add 784 more beds to campus housing.

Last year the school moved to curtail some delivery trucks on busy Osborn Drive, as a way to help with crowds of students passing between classes.

"It's really busy around here I can really tell it's more people, for sure,” said Noah Leurer, a junior from Austin, Minnesota.

"Just more students on the bus now especially living in West Ames, I have to take the bus to class now I never had to do that before,” said Espen Cleveland, of Grundy Center. “There's just a lot more students, a lot more student standing on the bus.”

For freshmen students, the first day can be a lot to learn.

"I think it's pretty simple we been using the My-State app, it makes it 20 times easier to get where we need to go,” said Gerri Richardson, of Wakonda, Illinois. ”It's like an Iowa State app that has like a map on it that shows where all your classes are."

"Yes, the professors were intimidating at first, but I really enjoyed the classes so far,” said Morgan Allen, of Earlham. "The weather today makes it great for walking to class."