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Neighbors Shocked by 2 Deaths but Not Police Activity Outside Saylor Township Home

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SAYLOR TOWNSHIP, Iowa -- It began as a welfare check after a family member noticed something unusual inside the home at 320 NW 54th Street in Saylor Township and notified the Polk County Sheriff`s Office.

"When they came out they observed a person who was unresponsive. They entered the home and tried to render aid and they found an adult deceased male, adult deceased female and a deceased dog," said Sergeant Brandon Bracelin with the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Dora and Ivan Ullrich have lived next door for 16 years."

"This is a very quiet area. Very quiet except traffic," said Dora.

Her heart stopped when she saw the activity outside.

"It's scary to come around the corner and see all these police cars because you don't know who's house it's in front of," she said. "Is it your spouse or your children?"

While deaths come as a shock, the sight of Polk County Sheriff's vehicles is common and just recently Dora says they arrested the deceased man who has yet to be identified.

"All of the sudden, some guy just ran across the yard and we went to check out the window and there comes Polk County and grabbed him and put him in handcuffs," said Dora.

Despite the deaths, the investigation has provided few details as they await a warrant for the home.

Sergeant Bracelin said, "Until we re-enter the home and start the investigation there's nothing more we can say."

Sgt. Bracelin believes an autopsy of both deceased individuals could begin as early as Wednesday morning.