Iowa State University Corn Poll Finds ‘Justice and Equity’ to be Top Issue

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Iowa State Corn Poll

AMES, Iowa – It turns out Channel 13 isn’t the only one letting Iowans cast their kernel for the 2016 election.

Students at Iowa State University got to cast their kernel on campus Friday – but not for presidential candidates. The Iowa State University Corn Poll gauges student interest on a number of issues, allowing each student to vote only once between the following issues: Environment, Education, Justice & Equity, Gender Rights, Economy & Jobs, Healthcare, Student Debt, National Security, and Veterans Support.

“We’re focused on issues this year because we understand that anyone is affected by any issues, so that’s the way to get people involved, if they’re not voting for a specific candidate or agree with a specific candidate, they’re at least agreeing with the issue, as something that they’re really passionate about,” said Som Mongtin, an organizer. “So we want to make sure that we can involve anyone who wants to participate.”

Of the 233 corn kernels cast Friday, the top issue was Justice & Equity, followed by Education, Gender Rights, and Environment. Students were also given the opportunity to register to vote.