O’Malley in Iowa Campaigning for Mowrer

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Martin O'Malley

DES MOINES, Iowa — Former Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley swung through Iowa Sunday to stump for Democratic congressional candidate, Jim Mowrer.

Mowrer, who’s trying to beat out incumbent Republican David Young in the third district, kicked off a canvassing rally at the Iowa Democratic Party’s field office on Merle Hay Road by telling volunteers this election will be won by the side with the best ground game. After the rally, these volunteers went door-knocking around Des Moines, recording who is supporting the Democratic ticket and who isn’t for use among all campaigns.

O’Malley kicked off his stump speech by crediting Iowans for their kindness – even if that kindness wasn’t enough to help him in his own presidential bid.

“Well look gang, 72 days. I look out and I see faces of friends who are very dear to me. I love your state, and I enjoyed being a presidential candidate – for a brief time,” he said. “But it wasn’t because of a lack of kindness in Iowa – maybe a lack of votes – but not a lack of kindness.”

While O’Malley was in town to support Mowrer specifically, he spent much of his stump speech focusing on the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The former governor of Maryland calls the presidential and congressional races “intertwined” and reminded volunteers that Trump supporters they meet while door-knocking could yet change their minds.

“It’s not about being against our neighbors, it’s about talking with our neighbors,” he said. “Keep this hopeful fact in mind: there’s 72 days, and your neighbors who today may feel they like Donald Trump, might feel they’re infatuated with Donald Trump – the good news is, they’re not Donald Trump, therefore they can change their minds without losing their minds.”

O’Malley is also scheduled to headline another big Democratic event Sunday, drawing politicians from near and far.

The Progress Iowa Corn Feed takes over Simon Estes Amphitheater Sunday afternoon.

It’s the second year for the event. The idea is to discuss progressive values — while feasting on Iowa’s best sweet corn.
Tickets are $30.