LiveWell Minute: Falls Prevention

Bone fractures caused by falls are one of the leading causes of hospitalization among older adults.  Statistics suggest that one in three adults age 65 and older will fall in any given year, with the likelihood of a fall becoming greater as a person ages.

Physical Therapist Angela Bergan says, "There are a few precautions older Iowans can take to help prevent tripping or falling at home."

Eat the right foods and exercise regularly to stay nimble, healthy and alert. Remove loose rugs that can trip you up, as well as clearing paths of random obstacles, such as shoes and boxes.  Sign up for a medical alert service to call for help wherever you are at home, and place heavy mats over slick flooring to improve your traction.  Installing handles at strategic points in your bathroom can also prevent a fall.

Medical technology is doing amazing things to heal bones more rapidly, but they're no match for simple precautions that let you avoid the hospital altogether, and continue enjoying life.