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2 Roosevelt Students Arrested for Bringing Gun to School

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Two Roosevelt High School students were arrested Tuesday, charged with bringing a loaded weapon onto school grounds.

“A lot of things happen at Roosevelt but this is the first time a person actually brought a loaded gun to school,” said Sophomore Lashana Campbell.

Campbell says even a day later on Wednesday she was shaken up.

“I was very scared to actually leave my house today because what happened. It really scared me,” said Campbell.

Police say they are concerned with how the two minors came in possession of the semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine loaded with 19 rounds.

“There’s certainly some things that should have happened long before these kids ever got to school to prevent that gun from arriving at school, long before they even came to possess it that prevent it from landing in their hands.  We’re going to do the best we can to figure out if there’s somebody else, particularly an adult who might be responsible,” said Sergeant Paul Parizek of the Des Moines Police.

Other students said something like this is uncommon, but not shocking.

“Really wasn`t surprised, that kind of stuff just happens. In this generation there’s always somebody bringing something, somebody’s always doing something bad,” said Junior Eli Walters.

The arrests were made without incident after other students showed administrators a social media post from the two; a photo of the gun in a backpack.

“I can’t say enough about the students taking the initiative to do the right thing. So many times, particularly with social media, this stuff gets passed over or simply forwarded on to someone else; and these kids did the right thing,” said Parizek.

While police say the two never made any threats and seemed to just be bragging about having the gun, they're breathing a sigh of relief after recovering it away from campus

“Potentially a dangerous situation that was resolved very peacefully and we couldn’t ask for a better outcome,” said Parizek.

Roosevelt Principal Kevin Biggs declined to comment to WHO-HD but did issue a statement to parents saying the two will face disciplinary action.

Bringing a weapon onto school property is a class D felony.