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Iowa Man Fights for Life After Hit-and-Run in Oregon, Sister Trying to Bring Him Home

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Iowan Luke LeClere was walking home from work when he was hit by a car in Oregon. The car sped off leaving LeClere with a serious traumatic brain injury.

No transportation charity has the equipment to fly him back to Iowa from Oregon but that's just start of the challenge.

“Family is the most important thing in the world, that`s how we get through all this right?” said Chrissy Rae.

Rea loves her family and at this moment she sits by her brother’s bedside, praying for him to wake up. But her mind is also on her 7-year-old Atlas.

“I take care of my son who's going through his own battle with leukemia, he's been going through that for two years now, but we need to get Luke home to family so we can help him with his care and recovery as fast as possible,” Rae said.

With insurance not covering the cost of transportation, and her son's ongoing chemotherapy treatment, Rae has turned to crowd-funding to raise the $25,000 needed to bring Luke home.

“The chances of him recovering and coming back to us are so greatly increased with us being able to be there and tell him how much he means to us,” she said. “In the same breath, I need to be there to care for my son.

She says one word keeps her going.

“I think love. Sometimes we don`t get to choose the struggles that we carry but you stand up, you march forward and you do what you have to do and my love for them is enough to keep carrying and smiling and trying,” she said.

Those who work in brain injury rehab say while it's too early to tell how the injury will affect Luke, there is hope.

“The upside is that you never say never,” said Dave Anders, Therapy Director at On With Life. “You have folks who come in on a stretcher and end up walking out.”

And Rae says the support she's had so far has been the light in a time of darkness.

“Even through my son`s illness, I’ve been a pretty prideful person,” she said. “It`s hard to admit when you need help, I’m just blown away. I`m completely grateful and I’ve been streaming tears of joy and it`s brought hope in a pretty hopeless situation.”

Chrissy Rae's crowd-funding page is being hosted at, which you can go to by clicking here.