Self Driving Tractor

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There's self-driving cars being tested on the roads and now there's self driving tractors being tested in the fields.
At the Farm Progress Show, the Case IH booth is surveying farmers by showing off the concept of a tractor that drives itself.
It doesn't have a cab, but from an office computer or tablet a farmer could run the vehicle to do a pre-programmed route or task.
On the front is radar and camera technologies that will stop for animals or debris
Case IH AFS Marketing Manager in North America Leo Bose says it's new technology like this that can let a farmer rethink their operation, "Well when you take a look at driver-less, you're taking this technology and you're scaling it either large or small. This allows them to look at efficiencies in their operations. So that means I can take this vehicle and be in the same field that maybe I'm harvesting grain in and could be doing a tillage operation for a grain cart, so it allows me to two for one meaning you used to have maybe two operators and now you can have that one operator supervise multiple other vehicles in that field."
Bose says Case IH is looking for input from producers on the idea and says they can fill out a survey on their website.