Man Charged with Killing Woman in Crash Free on Bond, Victim’s Family Speaks Out

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Two months ago, Troy Mure Jr. told a Polk County courtroom he was sorry for killing  his girlfriend last November in a car crash. But, the family of Scalicity Perez says the apology doesn’t cut it. They want to see the man charged in their daughter’s death in prison, not on the street.

The Perez family says a video on Facebook shows Mure holding a bottle of whiskey and flashing a gun while behind the wheel. The video was posted on August 26th, just three days after he was released from jail pending an appeal.

Mure was convicted of vehicular homicide by reckless driving in July of this year.

Also on Facebook, a woman identified as Mure's sister, congratulated her brother for leaving town in hopes of finding a better life.

“How dare you be on Facebook and Snapchat, showing off that you are out here having a good time while we have nothing? She has four babies who miss their mama,” says Lisa Barber, Perez's mother.

Barber questions why Mure was granted bond in the first place and if the actions in the video violate the restrictions that come with it.

According to Mure's attorney, he is not in violation.  The judge did not order any restrictions and says an appeal bond is justified based on the charge he was convicted of.

Barber tells Channel 13 the justice system failed her family. "We trusted the justice system to get a justified sentencing and we thought we got that with what little justice we could get out of Iowa,” Barber said.

Mure was originally sentenced to 15 years. He must serve three years of that in order to be eligible for parole.